I just wanted to offer you encouragement. In April 14 my husband at 46 yrs had such a severe stroke that he is totally disabled. We were constantly arguing over $ 35K in debt that we had even done a debt settlement program. What a nightmare- they charged like 1k to enter the program and 40 per mo “maintenance fees”. Thus pulling out 600 per mo out of our checking acct and bill collectors calling nonstop. Not a real good witness for 5 kids to be watching.I was a SAHM and when the stroke happened I got more surprises- like dh had ‘forgotten’ to pay the mortgage, etc, etc. Yes, one of the cc cos tried to sue.

This all forced me at 50 plus to finally grow up. The ball was squarely in my court and I had to get dh to countless md, pt appts as well as care for 5 school age kids. I hadnt worked in 18 years!!! I found this website that you are reading and was so glad I wasnt alone in this debt nightmare.

I heard the name Dave Ramsey over and over and went to see him in the Cleveland Ohio area and then joined the financial peace university.

Long story short- in less than 2 years we are completely debt free and have 40k in the bank. I can truthfully say it was only God Himself that did this. Our marriage is the BEST it has ever been- when there are no financial worries the fights go down to nothing! I am nobody special-It can happen for you too!