Well, I brought up the issue of bankruptcy with my husband last night and he is dead set against it, says it would be a mistake for us, that it would affect our being able to rent another apartment were we to move from here.

I never signed anything in relation to an application for credit. I have one card, in my maiden name, that is paid off at the end of every month when it has a balance (there are many months when it does not have a balance). I prefer to pay with cash, or by check.

My husband did get a secondary card on the AMEX account, so, he said, I could more easily purchase groceries/sundries for the household.

Some accounts are just in my maiden name. Others, like the IRA Rollover and the boy’s college funds are in my married name (maiden name plus his name…hyphenated).

As far as I am aware, my husband has no assets. He had a retirement fund, with Hartford, from one of his jobs, but he cashed it in to pay a debt. When his father died he got a small life insurance policy and I believe that went to pay off debts as well, but he did give me something for each of the boy’s 529 NYS College funds.

My husband has his job – $3750. per month in salary. Occasionally he might get a bonus check. This is it.

We have a car payment, but that will end in October. Our rent is $1425. He gives me $40.00 a week (this is used for extras like school pictures, birthday/Christmas gifts for the children, my nieces/nephews, toiletries, and so forth).

He can buy a train ticket (transportation to work) for $160. (monthly pass) and get reimbursed $100.

There is also the matter of the NYS Attorney General’s office asking him to send a check for fourteen hundred something (old school loan) or else they will sue him.

He just buries this stuff in his drawer and I have to dig for it and he won’t talk about it even when I ask direct and pointed questions about things.

I am hoping the meeting tomorrow will force him to realize his situation and that he has to make a radical change in his way of living.