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The main contents of the party's mass line education practice, main objectives and requirements, tutoring materials

A, the party's mass line, the whole process of education practice runs through "look in the mirror, is clothes, have a bath, put cure" twelve words of general requirements.

"Look in the mirror" is mainly based on "the theory of ideology, the party constitution, and the people's livelihood, advanced predecessors" as the mirror, find the objective consciousness, style of work, honesty and self-discipline gap.

"Clothes" is mainly according to the requirements of practical clean for the people, correct behavior, maintain a good image.

"Have a bath" is mainly the rectification criticism spirit, the thorough analysis in the situation, the wind of bureaucracy and luxury, adhere to the self purification, self-improvement, innovation, self-improvement.

"Therapy" mainly insists on curing, saving policy, different situation, suit the remedy to the case, the style of party members and cadres to the problems of education to remind, to investigate problems seriously, to compete with the people, damage the interests of the abuses and problems for special projects.

Two, four words: "formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, extravagant wind" the whole process of education practice, the method of step is learning education, listen, ZhaBai problems on building rules and regulations, carry out criticism and rectification implementation, the three links. , a lot of steps to each link, link do not fall unconscious, standard, strictly control each link to do "is not empty, empty, partial".

Three, three links

1, learning education, link work listening to it.

Combination with the enterprise practice: focus on learning every Saturday morning

Main content: "on the mass line" important paper extracts, the practice strict economy and combats waste important articles, contact the service to the masses "thumb, typical case analysis of the damage the interests of the masses. Personnel to participate in learning to carry out the party's route of the masses education practice and relevant content writing result of not less than three articles.

Know every Sunday for advice, company leadership to listen to opinions and Suggestions. In-depth research and extensive listening. To department, workshop as the unit to collect opinions and Suggestions. Open the door to activities to the community as the platform, called retirement party members, employees and representatives of local residents in symposium situation to hear comments and Suggestions.

2, ZhaBai problems and criticism

In the aspect of "four winds" : focus on the party organization do not pay enough attention to the production and business operation. Few activities or become a mere formality, such problems as targeted timeliness, party organizations and party members, director of work style, the moral quality and comprehensive quality is not high, party members and cadres ideal faith, cannot be reached with the ordinary party member masses, legal idea and democratic consciousness is not strong, is relaxed self.

In CARES about the populace benefit aspects: strive to improve the production environment, innovation technology, improve product quality, reduce production costs, enhance economic efficiency, pays special attention to the equipment, production safety, protect the security of the enterprise property and worker life, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, strengthen the social responsibility.

In party organization self building aspects: lack of two-way interaction between party organization and management mechanism, the lack of communication and negotiation, the party system is not sound, execution does not reach the designated position, the party member obligations is not positive, not to accept education of the party organization, management, to participate in party activities passive, such problems as the cutting edge exemplary role is not prominent.

3, implement rectification, establish a new system link work

Get the formalism and bureaucracy, hedonism and luxuries are the main problem in the wind, study and formulate corrective plan. To strengthen the system construction, to adapt to the new situation and new mission requirements revised to perfect the system, the focus is on research on some concrete system and to strengthen the construction of style of regulation.

The main purpose of the party's mass line education practice, through the "look in the mirror, is clothes, have a bath, put cure" condensed positive energy, promoting cadres change style, the masses get affordable, development level.

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