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A nation without a excellent national culture, not strength among the peoples of the world; Similarly, a no good enterprise culture can't self-reliance among the enterprises of the world. Since the reform and opening of many practices have confirmed that this is a universal of truth. Therefore, no matter domestic or abroad, more and more enterprises pay more and more attention to corporate culture, and are generally from the following aspects construction enterprise culture, build enterprise culture brand.

First, the connotation of enterprise culture and the target

What is the business? Enterprises in the market as the guidance, mainly aimed at profit, is engaged in commodity production and business activities of economic organization. What is culture? Culture is people to transform the objective world and subjective world in the process of the formation of the sum total of material wealth and spiritual wealth. Therefore, the connotation of enterprise culture refers to an enterprise in the management of the whole process in the formation of the common ideal and faith, values and code of conduct, and have the soul, cohesion, constraints, guidance and motivation to promote role. Therefore, also determines the enterprise culture construction goal is to improve the production and business operation and service, continuously improve the economic benefit of enterprise, make enterprise health, steady, sustainable development, win-win with customers, and society mutually beneficial, harmonious.

Second, the essence of enterprise culture construction and the center

The connotation of enterprise culture and the construction goal decided the essence of enterprise culture and the center of the enterprise culture construction. Any enterprise culture under the condition of market economy its essence should be humanistic quality management. One thousand so-called humanistic quality management is the enterprise must to enhance their survival and development of quality, strengthening the vitality of the vitality of people and products, shaping the brand and product brand. Because both past and present, and future, at any time, any occasion, any condition of market competition, competition in the final analysis are people and products. Has not been first-class workforce, then no first-class products, already became the consensus of people, and the theorem of the enterprise. In recent years, some influential visionary entrepreneurs actively strive to from capital management to the "two body" (that is, capital management and humanistic management), its purpose is to strengthen humanistic quality management, the huge potential of people. So the center of the enterprise culture construction is to try to shape the two brands. Specific for learning as the enterprise itself is to draw lessons from the domestic and foreign advanced management mode and management experience, on the basis of combining the reality of their own, formulate and improve labor allocation, assessment of rewards and punishments constraints, incentive mechanism, incentive mechanism study training and cultivating engage and select the competition, the commercialization of independent innovation mechanism and modern enterprise system, to shape the enterprise two brands to create a good environment and conditions, promote the enterprise constantly improve the overall quality. As the enterprise staff is to adapt to the objective requirement of market economy, constantly updated study, renew the idea, update management, updated technology, continuously enterprising, expand innovation. Through continuous learning, the bold practice, hard training, improve their ability, adapt to market competition to win, to shape the glory of the people as the main market image and brand effect.

Three, the core of enterprise culture and tenet

The core of enterprise culture is the enterprise values. Enterprise values is to policymakers, in short, to the enterprise nature, goal, mode of operation of the orientation of choice, and accepted by the common idea, for employees is a major values dominate employees spirit, is the result of conscious cultivation.

Values are the core of enterprise culture. Enterprise values is to put the stitching together the spiritual bond of all staff, is the inner motive power of enterprise survival and development, is the foundation of enterprise behavior system. Values are not illusory, but see, touch it, actually. Such as the production and operation of an enterprise? How the production and business operation? How to create value for customers,? How to provide opportunities for employees and benefits? How to take responsibility for the society? Staff how to conscientious effort, for the enterprise how to contribute, etc are described in detail and vivid embodiment. Therefore, as a business leader should set up a firm values, physically to promote, through the short speech, teach the staff how to consider the enterprise values, cause employees to describe the connotation of human values, together with employees to find out the significant values, guiding, induces the enterprise values. As an enterprise staff should consciously accept, strict commitment to enterprise for many years, form values, and make it to carry out the transformation, carry forward.

The purpose of the enterprise values and enterprise culture construction is interconnected and corresponding to each other. What kind of values is what kind of enterprise production and operation service tenet. And values directly reflected in the efficiency of production, management, management and service and value, it is the premise of enterprise profit, is the cornerstone of brand effect. Values into the brand and profits without both inside and outside two subjects: enterprise employees and customers. Thus creating value for customers, provide opportunities for employees and responsibility for the society. High quality, efficient, flexible, is our consistent service principle. So at home we build harmonious satisfactory working environment for our employees, the staff's career with the development of the enterprise planning, self-development and provide a platform and development space for employees, encourage employees to innovate, improving production technology and management, constantly create customer satisfaction products. Foreign for customers to provide quality products and services, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, honest and trustworthy, customer trust, always do to achieve mutually beneficial partnership.

Fourth, the spirit of enterprise culture and concept

People can not live without spirit. People can't do without. Without spirit and concept of people, like a corpse and shell. No spirit and concept of enterprises. Spirit of enterprise culture and concept as the enterprise run double or wings, supplement each other, be short of one cannot. According to the enterprise actual, combined with the objective requirement of market economy, the spirit of enterprise culture is: tell the truth, does the practical work, seek practical results

Tell the truth: it is on the basis of the actual situation in enterprises, starting from their own work, mutual trust, mutual cooperation and communication between colleagues, does not boast, not conceal, adhere to the "good faith, to deal with the sincere, honest". Especially for production, management, management and service of the truth to dare to say, do know everything, can. Even at the same time take the initiative to provide customers with timely and accurate information, make customer can really realize our sincerity.

Does the practical work, work is everything to solve the problem as a starting point, not blind, avoid doing busywork, down-to-earth starts from the minor matter. Should think seriously about at work at the same time, in-depth practice, investigation and study, find the breakthrough point of the problem, find the best method and way, the best solution and planning. From the fundamental, to grasp, really solve the problem, really get things done at the same time, the office level, to grow.

Results: is everything work to pay equal attention to efficiency and benefit, should not only pay attention to process, also should pay attention to the results.

Efficiency refers to the work done fast, flexible, no procrastination, no lazy, you can do today, nissin day is knot, nissin high. Keep in mind and firmly grasp the time is the wealth, is worth. Benefits that asks us to do things, not only more valuable meaningful things to do, make its produce good economic benefit. To put equal emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness, requires that we should be thrifty in work, do not waste resources, time and energy; And want to think more, experience more, summed up the effective way of doing business and use to work. Paying equal attention to efficiency and effectiveness, and the relation between process and the result is my company as the basic requirement of quality certification enterprises to employees working ability and assessment reward campaign basis, is also the starting point and the foothold of enterprise production management.

Pragmatic innovation, honesty, quality, the pursuit of excellence, is the corporate quality policy, also is the concept of corporate culture.

The basic connotation of the concept of corporate culture is in daily work to this person, steadfast diligent work. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, enhance the sense of responsibility, dare to take responsibility, dare to carry burdens, meet the challenge, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, to adapt to the market, understand market, attract customers and meet customer demand for the purpose. Love enterprises, focus on corporate interests, cherish resources, the business secret, create profits, setting up enterprise good image. Every employee to take responsibility for their own actions, being a good your role, do a good job in production, management, management, service of every detail, work together, help each other. At the same time to carry out the spiritual idea of "saving" is to create profits, in daily work drips from the minor matter, starts from oneself and the side with, trying to save "once electricity, a drop of water, a coal, an inch of material, a drop of oil, a piece of paper". Managers should give the green light for all sales and service, the principle of striving to increase service security. Sales staff should be on customer is "god", is the concept of food and clothing parents, in deed and not give up the spirit of efforts to develop new customers, allow customers to understand product and enterprise, constantly expand the market share.

Around the enterprise idea, in the process of daily production and operation management services, we should do the following several aspects:

1, pragmatic innovation:

With diligence respect-work spirit of pioneering and innovative, rigorous pragmatic style of work, ensure company production and operation management work such as high efficiency continuous operation, the maximum to meet customer requirements and expectations. Strictly observe the operation procedures and rules in the process of production, ensure the quality of products meet or exceed standards, creating high quality products, make safe production, cost control, product quality management, equipment management and implement, sales and service process to improve the customer satisfaction as far as possible to do the work more fine and more comprehensive, more timely and effective communication with customers.

2, good faith for this:

Honesty is not only the specification of adjusting interpersonal relationships, and adjust the important rules of the social economic and political relations, but also the foundation of enterprise development, is an important social resource of enterprise. "People no letter not made, the industry without letter difficult xing". Enterprises have no credit, will lose the market, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the market, there can be no sustained development. So we should fully realize the importance of enterprise credit, the good faith as a kind of valuable social resources, as the foundation the foundation of doing things, as the basis of enterprise development. We should not only embodies the good faith on the consciousness of enterprise employees, more important is to reflect on the enterprise system and corporate behavior, the worker's action.

We build integrity of high-quality staff team, establish and improve various guarantee enterprise credit management system, at the end of the day is to carry forward the "special can bear, especially can fight" the traditional spirit of enterprise, make a new kind of compatible with market economy credit enterprise culture, make the "honest and trustworthy" as the soul of the enterprise, to standardize the behavior of worker behavior and enterprise become enterprise moral standards. Enterprise and worker in comply with the process of system integrity, practice, to gradually make the concept of good faith by the outer constraint into the inner pursuit, and become a conscious act. Only in this way, we can truly with market competitiveness of enterprise, in order to survive in the fierce market competition and development.

3, quality, such as:

According to the ISO9001:2008 standard, the company set each operating rules and regulations, strengthening process monitoring and micro management, always maintain the first-class products and first-class service quality, strive to establish a good corporate image, efforts to do a good job of creating famous brand products.

4, the pursuit of excellence:

"No best, only better". In the spirit of continuous improvement, and constantly improve the quality of products and services as the company's eternal goal. Each employee should be in their own work innovation, beyond the self, beyond rivals, efforts to improve work quality and efficiency, try to do to do everything at once, efforts to achieve the optimal production output, product quality, the lowest cost of production management, civilized security best, customer the most satisfaction, employee happy good situation.

5, encourage innovation failure tolerance:

Cultivating quality as the core of enterprise culture, all break the bondage of independent innovation thought and behavior, vigorously promote innovation, encourage competition, before others, tolerate failure, open inclusive culture of innovation, formed "respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for labor, respect creation" innovation atmosphere.

Enterprise on its own technology should pay attention to cultivate innovative talents, especially for the cultivation of the talents, should not only understand the economy, and to understand the law; Both to understand technology, and to understand the management; To understand the domestic and international, to understand a foreign language. In recent years, the world's best talent is flowing into China to seek development. Have the talent, the key is to use good talent, establish a sound mechanism of talent. Only in this way can realize the added value of human capital. From the point of the current situation, market competition becomes more and more depend on enterprise's technology innovation. From this point, stimulate technological innovation spirit, bring into play the function of the talent innovation more and more important. No good enterprise culture as support, form independent technology innovation mechanism and system, the enterprise will be difficult to long-term development. Therefore, must be combined with the actual working to build a combination of traditional and modern enterprise culture. Innovation is the fresh blood of modern enterprise culture. Motivation is the source of innovation.

In terms of incentive mechanism, we have professional technical talents and skills of rationalization proposal and technical innovation carried out in accordance with the company's incentive system rewards, colossal benefit and social benefit for the enterprise to make significant contribution to the staff. We according to the patent law and the implementing rules and relevant policy provisions of the state, establish reasonable distribution of the interests of the patent and reward systems within the enterprise. After the success of the patent application, the patent license within three months, give the inventor bonuses. Invention patent authorization after one-off reward not less than 2000 yuan. After the utility model and appearance design patent authorization one-off reward not less than 1000 yuan. Within the validity of patents every year according to the implementation of the invention or utility model patent from 1% of the net income, the implementation of patent of appearance design the net income of 0.2 0.5% for the company's bonus. Innovation is the reform, is to try. Failure is the mother of innovation success. We encourage attempts, inclusive of innovation failure. But not allowed to make the same mistake, must be good at summing up experience and lessons, and avoid causing a greater loss, innovation achievements as soon as possible. At the same time, we strongly encourage employees to men, play the potential of each person, in the production management, technology innovation, system innovation, service innovation and so on become our otstanding, add light fever for the enterprise.

6, services to create value:

The general improvement in social service level, product quality more and more small, the difference of the good product is no longer the only way to attract consumer, price means to attract consumer also can work in at that time, who can use good service the development resources, to provide customers with satisfactory service, who will dominate in the competition.

The so-called "service creates value", is through the service personnel behavior and to give a sincere friendly service to customers, to give love, sincerity, patience, on the basis of establish a new relationship between customers, make customers happy and satisfied.

Why ask employees to set up the correct service consciousness? Why do you want to provide customers with sincere service? This because the survival and development of the enterprise depends on the customer, business profits from customers, employees' life security from the customer, only let customers obtain due to meet with respect, the interests of the enterprise will have lasting protection, enterprises can get healthy development. High quality service can bring what has be clear at a glance. So what bad services will give enterprise cause? A satisfied customers will tell a few people for your praise, a dissatisfied customer will tell the opinion of your teens and 20 men, even more, it can make the enterprise lost. All treatments gold, can also be slain unclear. This is the effect of service quality pros and cons and contrast. It is obvious that the concept of "service creates value", in fact, with the enterprise's survival and the development of the future and every employee's vital interests are closely linked. This is the objective law of market economy, it demands that we can only in this way, and can't do that. We have no choice, there is no reason not to stand in the Angle of the customer, understand customer service requirements, according to the characteristics of different customers to provide services and extension services, to guide consumption, stimulate consumption, consumption, to bring customers warm and cheerful, and the potential customers into reality, the customer win more consumption. And to get more customers, it is necessary to improve service quality, pay attention to service details, enable employees to pay attention to the importance of to do a good job of service and in the thoughts, make employees to be enhanced service consciousness and service behavior norms, improve service quality, make our overall service level can onto a new level.

7, team spirit:

Enterprise restructuring has experienced a lot of wind and waves, and we can go today, not because someone's credit, but by the entire team. We play the spirit of the Wolf, just had today's performance. We are going to have a Wolf keen sense of smell, vision and proactive, never give up the habit, to give full play to the team spirit of the enterprise. Team spirit is essential for a company to better survival and development. Never-say-die spirit is the enterprise in the market competition in the torrent of forward momentum. Keen sense of smell and observation is necessary to enterprise excellent marketing personnel's quality. Proactive refers to enterprises in market competition is not willing, but actively to observe and to find prey, goals and strive for all the business opportunities and benefits available. Of the four most important is the team spirit, it is the foundation of success after three. Without a team spirit of enterprise, there is no power to do want to do everything.

In daily work to keep the team spirit and cohesion, respect, understanding, coordination and communication is one of the four important link. To set up the "all for one, one for all" consciousness of service. Only people who know how to respect others can receive respect from others. Should be good at understanding others is a virtue. Good at understanding when at work and deal with the problem not only can resolve contradictions and the gap, but also can effectively achieve the communication and understanding, is the basis to play a good team spirit. Coordination is the core part of the team spirit, especially for service link "edge" or boundaries between what is happening in the department of "fuzzy", the problem of coordination of team spirit plays an important role. Communication is the direct manifestation of team spirit. When the team spirit, not only management need communication, interpersonal communication, work together also need to communicate, solve problems and ideological work need to communicate more. Communication is the understanding, negotiation, communication and ventilation. Sometimes communication is one-way, sometimes is a two-way street, mutual. It is a basic method and the skill needed for the job. Good communication plays a considerable role to work. If we only pay attention to department interests and personal interests, ignoring and related department communication and consultation, cannot communicate effectively, don't pay attention to team spirit, so, dispute between departments, comments will be made.

Respect, understanding, coordination and communication is to ensure that team spirit is the four basic aspects, four short of one cannot, mutual accommodation. Only truly understand the four moments and combined with practical work, good at solve problems and deal with contradictions, team spirit will be constantly enrich and develop, enterprises can better development.

8, quality

Market competition is the quality of products and service competition. An enterprise wants to win in market competition, must be first-class product quality and service quality. "First-class enterprise branding, second-rate companies do market, third-rate companies do prices" this other words and clear the importance of brand of an enterprise. Only by constantly improving the staff quality, and constantly improve enterprise brand image, the development of the enterprise is dynamic and foundation. We will always adhere to the quality of marketing strategy, both enterprise long-term health development needs, also be the assurance that create more value for customers.

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