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Huangshi Huayi Plastic Co., Ltd. is the former Ministry of light industry of PVC laminate sentinel manufacturers. Now China Plastics Processing Industry Association governing units, has been 40 years of production history. Company's main products have PVC laminated board, PVC extrusion board, PVC chemical pipe, CPVC laminates, PP extruding PE board, board, electrode extrusion, also according to the customer technical requirements of production . Our company is hard PVC sheet national standards GB/T22789.1-2008 main drafting unit, Hubei Province high and new technology enterprise, Hubei Province keep contract re credit units, Hubei Province Trademark Association governing units, and through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. 2010 annual wing China plastic sheet industry five strong enterprises second. "Hua Yi" brand PVC laminate was awarded the title of famous brand products in Hubei Province, "Hua Yi" brand trademark is Hubei Province Bureau of industry and commerce as Hubei Province famous trademark. 2012 Huangshi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission and the City Commission for the letter of the company's technical center for the company identified as Huangshi enterprise engineering and technology center. In 2013 the company PVC laminate Engineering Technology Center was the provincial development and Reform Commission of Hubei Province as the provincial engineering and technology center. A subsidiary of Wuxi Huali Plastic Co. Ltd., Huangshi Huayi Environmental Technology Co. Ltd.

Huangshi Huayi Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2011, investment about sixty million yuan, officially put into operation in 2014 January. At present, it is the most advanced and environmentally friendly high-tech enterprise that has the most advanced production scale, the best quality, the production and inspection equipment in the domestic production of PVC laminate.. Company has a higher degree of automation of the three roller rolling machine and 1600t and 2600t, 3000t three sets of hot press unit, and PVC laminate full set of testing instrument. At present the company with an annual output of PVC laminate plates up to 12000 tons, up to 1.3 meters wide.

Wuxi Huali Plastic Co. Ltd., is located in the town of Huishan District of Wuxi City . The company has the domestic firstclass PP board production equipment, PP board in production up to 6000 tons, PP board up to 2.3 meters wide, product size and color can be according to the requirements of customers customized.

Company's products have been widely used in chemical industry, environmental protection equipment, nonferrous metal smelting, oxalic acid, rare earth, aerospace electronics, electroplating, medicine, food and other industries, its main characteristics is acid and alkali corrosion resistance, good physical and mechanical properties, moth proofing, moisture proofing, anti burning for making extraction tank, storage tank, electroplating, plastic environmental protection equipment. Advanced equipment, mature technology and rich professional production management experience, so that the enterprise has a considerable size and strength, in the industry enjoyed a high reputation. Products are sold to the twentyfive provinces and autonomous regions and Southeast Asia.

"For customers to create value, provide opportunities for employees, create wealth for the enterprise, and take responsibility to the society" is the common pursuit of Huayi, but also to create a "Hua Yi" brand core competitiveness lies. We always implement the quality policy of "pragmatic innovation, honesty, quality as one, the pursuit of excellence". Quality, efficiency, flexibility, is our consistent service tenet. We look forward to working with you to achieve your dream, my dream, and China dream.

"Huayi" plate, leading the future!

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